Saturday, December 4, 2010

Obesity is your fault

I am so sick of hearing people blaming their fatness on everybody and everything other than themselves. You are in control of your life and eating habits. Mcdonalds didn't make you get that fry or supersize. The gas station didn't make you get the 72 oz of Dr. Pepper. Your Parents didn't hold a gun to your head and tell you to eat until you were fat.

I also don't believe that obesity is a genetic disorder either. My dad was 119 LBS when he married my mom, I graduated high school well over 300 LBS. I have been big my whole life. My dad is now big. Half my family is little tooth picks. Saying that you are over weight because of your genes is like some one from a poor upbringing saying they have no choice but to follow that path. It is your choice if you are fat and obese.

I was sick of being fat, so I am doing something about it. What are you doing?