Friday, December 10, 2010

Goodbye my old friend Brightkite

Well, today I am completely heart broken. I have been a long time user of the social media site Brightkite and today the announcement has been made. Brightkite will be no more. I have been part of the site since it was in private beta back in the spring of 2008. It was one of the first social networking sites that I pimped out to everyone I know. It was also a site that got me into a lot of trouble with an employer. We have been through good and bad times together. Most recently my family on Brightkite has had the chance to see a change in me happen, both physically and as a person. I have friends there that will be life long friends and people that I have made mad and they gave up on me. Either way, just like a family, I love them all.

It really saddens me to see BK go in a direction that I can have nothing to do with. Group Texting would be a big deal and worth changing over too if you didn't have services like TextPlus, Tatango, WhatsApp and Pingchat already doing the same thing, and all have been doing it for a while.

Nothing has really been the same since the original team left the BK offices. @sprouticus was one of the best community managers I have every had the pleasure of dealing with and meeting in real life. @hiro and @brady truly cared about their baby and would do anything for their users. Sadly most of us knew bad things were coming when the 3 of them left the company.

It's been a nice journey Brightkite, it's had up's and downs, but it looks now that it must all come to an end. I will miss you, but I can thank you for one thing. Thank you for giving me a second family.

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