Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Catching up

Wow, so it has been a long time since I have posted, but I figure why not. My last year has been a crazy roller coster ride, and even since my last post in December, a lot has changed.

As you are probably aware, last August I embarked on a journey weighing in at 332 LBS. As of mid summer I hit 197 LBS. Big jump! But I still struggle keeping the weight down, I'm back up to 210 and constantly struggling to stay down. But life goes on I guess. I have the tools, I can get where I need to be. Problem is winter. In the winter the body starts to store fat, much like how squirrels store food in their cheeks. So with colder days upon us in the midwest, it's going to be harder for me to drop any kind of weight, so the main goal is to maintain until February. Hopefully I can do that.

Also this time last year I was in a job that I hated. I worked at JCPenney for 2 years, and one of my goals this last year was to move into a career somewhere outside of JCP. My first move was to Sioux Chief. It was a good job, but the hours sucked, the pay wasn't great and it was manual labor. Nothing against manual labor for anyone that does it for a living, but it's just not for me. Finally in August though, my dream job opened up. I was very lucky to get into the Fraud Department of a national bank. I love my job for the first time in a long time and the pay is great. I have an awesome boss that is laid back and easy to talk to and I work with great people that keep my laughing and help my though the day when I need it.

On the podcast side of things, well they were going pretty well until we stopped recording. Finally after a few years we got subscribers to nearly 30,000 per episode. Sadly though, when reaching out for help to keep myself from getting overwhelmed, I only had Gerard. Both of us have lives, and hopefully we can start back up again.

Overall life is pretty fantastic right now. I'm lucky to have great people in my life. I only see great things for me in the future and excited to see what comes of it all.

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